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Canada has lifted its travel restrictions for anyone entering the country as from October 1, 2022
All travellers, regardless of citizenship, will no longer have to:
- apply for an ArriveCAN
- show proof of vaccination
- doing a PCR test before or on arrival is no longer required
However, an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) for Canada remains mandatory

In 3 steps
your ETA is ready !
#1 Make an application
#2 Make the payment
#3 Receive your ETA
#1 Make an application
You can proceed with an eTA application by providing the required information.
#2 Make the payment
The e-visa's cost is to be made through an online payment, with the use of a credit card.
#3 Receive your visa
After having made the payment, the eTA will be sent to your email address.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA): How can I get it?

When we plan to go on a vacation or on a business trip, we have to keep in mind that documents, such our visa and passport are very important as other details like booking the flight or our accommodation. If you are tempted to fly towards Canada, you probably must have heard about the new migration requirement to get there: the Electronic Travel Authorization. Adventurers from all over the world should get his ETA before traveling to the Canada. The ETA is a document that allows you to travel in Canada by plane and to travel freely inside the country. It is an entry requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals travelling to or transiting through Canada by air.

Submit your application online

Unlike old VISA application system, Travel Authorization application must be done online. It is better that you deal with your application as soon as you decide to plan a trip to Canada. Each travel should have an official ETA. Children are also concerned because it is a new requirement. By contrast, you can do at once an application for all members of your family. It’s possible to do it in place of another person.

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Fill in the form correctly

As it is said above, the ETA application form is available online. It takes a few minutes to download the ETA after its approval. A representative may apply in place of the traveler, such as a parent or guardian.

Notice that nobody (children included) can cross the Canadian border without the ETA.

The following details have to be in your possession to complete your application form:

  • the country that issued the passport,
  • the nationality indicated on the passport,
  • the passport number,
  • the surname and forenames as they appear in your passport,
  • the birth date,
  • the country,
  • the city of birth,
  • Dates of issue and expiry of the passport.

Personal information such as marital status, client unique identifier and employment information, including domain, position, employer's name, city and the date of hire are to be filled, too.

Once you have completed this information, you will finally complete your contact information and other travel information, including the departure time of your flight.

Wait for validation

Once you have finished completing the form, there is nothing left to do except to check your mailbox.

Most eTA applications are approved within minutes of applying, and therefore an application can be made close to the intended departure date. However, it is recommended that travellers requiring an eTA submit an application well in advance of their intended departure date, as some requests may require more time to process. If this is the case for your application, you can expect an email from IRCC within 72 hours informing you what your next steps are.

You can then check the status of your ETA request by clicking on the tool reserved for this feature and using the application number and details of your passport.
Electronic Travel Authorization is valid for a period of five years from the day on which it is issued to the applicant or until the earliest of the following days, if they occur before the end of that period:

  • the day on which the applicant’s passport or other travel document expires, or
  • the day on which the electronic travel authorization is cancelled, or
  • the day on which a new electronic travel authorization is issued to the applicant.


So, do you plan to visit Canada as a tourist, for your business or to make a simple transit? Are you a UK citizen? It is now possible to get there as long as you get your Electronic Travel Authorization.

Canada forms part of the Commonwealth same as the New Zealand and The United Kingdom.

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